Be More Creative and Productive in Work and Life!

Did you know you're born with lifetime advantageous personal directions for greater creativity and logical reasoning?


And your date-of-birth reveals these two lifetime-keys to the support of your right-brain vs. your left-brain on a daily basis. We refer to these keys as your

Personal Supportive
​Brain Directions

Knowing your Personal Supportive Brain Directions is a secret weapon that gives you exclusive access to optimizing your brain's activity. Frankly, these directions give you leverage to help you navigate your day, busting through your daily tasks with increased focus and energy. 


The Power of Your Personal Directions

When you know these 15° magnetic directions and physically position yourself toward them in your home, workplace, or anywhere on the planet, you activate them for peak performance.

Release Writers Block

For Authors & Writers

If you've been struggling with writer's block utilizing your right-brain direction will reactivate your creativity so that you'll once again begin churning out pages.

Tapping Into Your Creativity

For Designers & Artists

Artists or Designers looking to activate their creative juices can tap into their endless well of new ideas and inspiration using their right-brain directions anywhere on Earth. 

Gain More Focus & Clarity

For Home or Office

Say goodbye to lack of focus when the momentum is in your favor by utilizing your left-brain direction anywhere you go.

Be Your Most


For Desktop Warriors

Escape online lethargy and fly through your daily tasks and conquer your to-do lists with more power and vitality by optimizing the correct hemisphere of your brain for the current task.


Get Personal Directions for Your Child!

Do you have a child who struggles with studying, especially on-screen?
Is your child easily distracted due to ADD or ADHD?


Now you can help your child reclaim or enhance their spirit and stamina for studying by positioning them in the ideal brain directions for the subject at hand.​



Simply knowing the direction to position your chair when you have a project deadline can dramatically increase your productivity.  Based on our birthdate, all of us are born with two ideal directions: one to be most analytical and one to be the most creative. 


Your CREATIVE (right-brain) is supported by SITTING or standing with your specific 15° TALENTS direction behind your back.

Feng Shui literally translates and refers to Wind Water.
If a strong wind pushes on your back, it propels you forward.



Your ANALYTICAL (left-brain) is supported when your lifetime 15° INTELLECT direction supports your back.

You've heard the expression, "Buddy, I've got your back." That's a simple way of saying you want your allies behind you.

Meet PK Odle

Master Feng Shui Consultant & Executive Director of The American Feng Shui Institute®.

PK Odle is a Master Feng Shui Consultant and the Executive Director of the world-renowned American Feng Shui Institute®, where she has taught since 1998. PK's international consulting company, The Feng Shui Advantage®, works with business owners who want to be more productive & profitable while enjoying better health & relationships on a daily basis.

Her consultations and revolutionary 'Personal Directions TOOLBOX' teaches clients how to manage their unique 15° magnetic Lifetime Directions according to their date-of-birth and gender, including their Prosperous vs. Consuming; Creative vs. Intellectual; Romance vs. Lonely Pillow directions. PK creates each person's unique Personal Directions diagram and teaches them how to maximize all their directions anywhere on Earth.


Personal Supportive

Brain Directions

Direct you to physically position yourself in your home, office, or anywhere you happen to be so you can perform at your absolute best.

  • Tap into Your Creativity

  • Gain More Focus & Clarity​

  • Release Writers Block

  • Be Your Most Productive

  • Empower Students to Learn Easier

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